What is the price of the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ Programme?

The price of the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ Programme is Rs. 9860/- We are giving 25% discount on this price. So, the introductory price of this whole programme is just Rs. 7260/- [Note: The price of the two components (For Regulars and For Working Professionals) will be same i.e. 7260/-]

What is the process of registration or subscription?

Subscription or registration to any of the available plans is simple. Go to the link: SUBSCRIBE First, browse through our subscription plans (For Regular Aspirants and For Working Professionals) and select the one of your choice. Then fill up all required Billing details and then Place order. Pay via payment gateway. Three payment options are available i.e. Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking. After completing payment, your subscription will be activated within few hours subject to payment confirmation.

In case of any technical problem, whom shall I contact?

Don’t worry and just send us a mail to this ID: contact@iastoppers.com

What is the last date for making Payment?

There is no deadline to join the programme. But it is suggested to join as early as possible, follow the timetable and be free from any kind of pressure later. So, subscribe as early as possible if you are serious to get through the exam.

What will be the duration of the programme?

Starting Date: 15th August 2017 Ending Date: Up to Mains 2018 (Tentative date- 1st October 2018) [Note: Prelims Tests and Flash Cards will be disabled after Prelims 2018. Please keep in mind] After Mains 2018, your subscription will be terminated.

From where I can download all documents?

All PDF documents can be downloaded at our portal targetcivils.iastoppers.com after successful sign up.

From where I can take online tests?

For online Test, you will be redirected to our Test platform targetcivils.iastoppers.com/test_series Here you have to re-enter your username and password.

What are Flash cards and Are they downloadable?

Flash cards are our unique tool of innovative learning. They are highly beneficial in either learning new concepts or revising already taught concepts. They will help to build sound understanding of concepts as it is the most crucial to clear the civil service examination. Our Flashcards cover all seven topics of Preliminary examination syllabus. You will get subject wise sets of flash cards. Flashcards are not downloadable.

Does the Prelims Tests Series 2017 programme provide any support for Prelims Paper-2 i.e. CSAT Aptitude paper?

This programme covers only Prelims General Studies Paper-I of UPSC Preliminary Examination. It does not provide any support or resources on Prelims paper-2.

When will CSAT Tests start?

This programme will provide you 6 CSAT Full-length Mock Tests. The schedule of these tests will be provided later. (probably after Mains 2017). Strategy article on CSAT will also be given with this.

Will there be All India Ranking?

Yes. On your Dashboard, there display Top Ranks of the test. Your marks in each test will be inserted into rankings by considering your first attempt of each test. For complete list, check analytics section of each attempted test. Here, you can see complete list of All India Rankings. On Dashboard, with Top 10 Ranks, there also display a comparison of your marks with Topper’s marks.

Can I take this test any time online, any day at my convenience?

Yes. You can give tests anytime as per your convenience. Once test is activated from our end, you can take test anytime, any day till 3rd June, 2018. After 2018 prelims, your access to the Test platform will be inactivated.

How many times can I give one Test?

You can take test multiple times. However, list of All India Ranking will be prepared using your first attempt of each test. This ensures seriousness among subscribers and fair ranking system.

Will I get PDF of questions and solutions?

Yes. Apart from PDF of question paper you will get PDF of answer with explanation. Moreover, you will get printable copy of our customized OMR sheet. You can give test either Online at our Test platform or Offline (using PDF documents). But please do not share them with anyone if you want to see honest rankings.

Will you cover current affairs in each test?

Yes. Current affairs from July 2017 to May - 2018 will be covered under test series. That means, we will frame questions based on these current affairs. Note: Each sectional (subject-specific) test also contains questions on current affairs.

Will Mains Tests have synopsis?

Yes, All Mains Tests (Mini, Sectional and Full-length mock) will have synopsis. Synopsis of each test will be given before the next test.

Will Mains Tests be evaluated?

Our Target IAS Topper 2018 programme is a Prelims-Mains Integrated programme. The main component of the programme is 45 Prelims Tests (39 full-length Tests of G.S. Paper-1 and 6 full-length Tests of CSAT paper). 

The other components like 3600+ Flash Cards and 36 Mains Tests of G.S. Paper 1 to 4 will be complementary with this programme. So, we are not providing Mains answer evaluation services rather we are giving you ample practice for Mains papers and synopsis of each mains test having detailed solution. 

The price of the programme is minimal. The original price of the programme is Rs. 9680/- but we are giving at discounted price of Rs. 7260/- only. So, each test of prelims cost you only around Rs.160/- which is far below any test available in the market.